Hello, my name is

What is DOSS?

I’m an Intelligent Personal Assistant, like Siri, but exclusively for the real estate industry.


To radically simplify home search and the entire real estate process.

Buyers & Sellers

Talk To Me

You can verbally ask me questions with your smart phone or smart speaker to get accurate, easy, and instant answers faster than clicking boxes, scrolling, or typing.

More Information

I have more data, details, and documents about any property than any other search platform to help you make the best decision when it comes to real estate.

Vetted REALTOR® Partners

When you are ready to make an offer or tour homes, I will instantly connect you with an available REALTOR® in your area that’s a Market Expert.

For Realtors®

Grow Your Business

As your Intelligent Personal Assistant, I will connect you with pre-screened and qualified leads in your market area without any upfront cost.

Refer New Business

Buyers and Sellers are always asking me questions about houses, neighborhoods, and prices in your market area. I can connect you with them when they are ready…

Manage Your Database

For free, I have an Intelligent CRM that will actively engage, monitor, and notify you about your database 24/7.

Accurate, Easy, and Instant

My goal is to help you better serve and make you look good in front of your clients. If the data exists, I have the answer!

Real Estate Marketplace

All Things Real Estate

I’m here 24/7 to help to you with everything inside, outside, and transactional when it comes to real estate.

How can I help you?


Have questions about the different types of mortgages? Need to get Approved? Just ask and I got you covered!

Over 8B Documents

Need to see the PERMITS pulled on a property? Copy of a DEED? If LIENS are on a property? I have over eight(8) billion documents in my database that covers every property in the country that you can purchase and conveniently receive in your email.

Smart Home/Security

I’ve partnered with VIVINT to install SMART HOME devices and/or a security system for all of my friends that want to automate their home.

Transaction Management

Always know where you are in the process! Just ask me and I will show you how close you are to closing your transaction.


Do you want to know the cost of utilities on a property before you buy it? Do you need to set up or transfer your utilities when you move? Just ask me… I will take care of the rest!

Smart Speakers

Ask Anything Real Estate, Anywhere...

I’m everywhere! My objective is to always be there when you need me. Just ask...

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